It’s okay, I can do it

I can open door for me,

I can pay my own food,

I’m good with the house I’m living,

I can drive with the car I bought from my hard work,

I can pay for the dresses or shoes or bags or necklace I spot at first time,

But I do expect you;

To respect me when I say NO, 

Let me wear what I want or have the hair I like,

Not to break my self worth in any possible way,

But if,

Only if you think I ask too much. 

And you can only offer me fairy tale and sparkly romance like those fiction movies or books or songs,

I’m going to say, “Thank you but no thank you.”

Because, it’s okay I can do it by myself.


About Diera

I read to dream. I write to heal. I eat ice cream to taste a little heaven. I love rain for bringing me my heavenly soulmate. And for everything else, I have sweet ice tea.
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